Thursday, December 16, 2010

Blog #10

              The most important thing I learned in English 102 is to cite everything. If it did not come from your head it must be cited. I also learned that the Purdue OLW website is great for all writing structures and layouts. A reference I will use in the future. Another resource I was informed of, for finding sources, is World Cat. These resources will be beneficial for academic writing as well as a practical reference in the workforce.

       Although it’s been a few years since I took English 101, I remembered some of the MLA format. I realized some things have changed and had to re-learn what I forgot. Until this class I had not used APA format. The cover page, abstract and method for citation are some of the differences. We were also informed of other writing styles such as Chicago and Turabian. When completing academic work always use Times New Roman font, not Arial or similar fonts. I was reminded to not use is/are/was/were, but replace them with active verbs. By saying "I think", "I feel", "I believe" the writing is weakened, our thoughts and emotions are not Apple products. Also, the use of contractions should be avoided for several reasons.

       Last, your prefix is Miss, as you are not married.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Blog #9

        I think we accomplished the first goal. We worked together on a group paper and completed peer editing of others' work. In addition to working together we analyzed and responded to academic writings. Reading the academic journals gave me a sense of others abilities when they are focused and well researched on a very specific topic.
       The second goal was touched on, but this is also covered in English 101. Understanding these different situations and knowing what is appropriate is important in all forms of writing.
       The third class goal was accomplished. We utilized TS/CD worksheets, peer editing, free write blogs and of course wrote several papers. I like the way we built up to the research paper. The working bibliography, annotated bibliography, rough draft, and peer editing made the assignment more manageable, assuming these steps were done on time and in order. The World Cat and other resources presented to the class were beneficial to the writing process.
       Personally, I absolutely achieved the fourth goal. Being able to choose the topic myself allowed me to write about something I am passionate about. With regard to "self-discovery", I had set beliefs going into the argumentative paper. Throughout this assignment I kept an open mind and took time to understand different viewpoints. Although I still have the same view as when I began the assignment, the way in which I view at the subject has changed.
       I accomplished the fifth goal, mainly, through TS/CDs. This structured writing technique does provide clarity and helps put forth supporting evidence of the writers' claim. The material provided when using TS/CD is real material, not junk and page filling material.
       I used both physical and electronic resources throughout this course. I prefer to actually go to the library and find the material in person. The electronic resources like the Waubonsee library link and World Cat were helpful, especially with finding academic journals and old books.
       I was encouraged to summarize and use quotations in a responsible way. When reading They Say, I Say, I discovered that it is acceptable, and encouraged, to develop the thoughts of both sides when presenting and argument. Be doing this credibility is established by the author. I learned to cite EVERYTHING that is not an original thought, including paraphrasing.
       During the semester I achieved the eighth goal by using different writing formats and presenting clean organized work in a timely manner. I used both APA and MLA formats, including proper layout and printing procedures. The work I presented in the course was appropriate and organized.
       All the work I completed with and without technology was done ethically.
       Writing is important as a tool for work, communicating and life in general. Over the years I have drifted from "good" writing. I'm glad I am able to refresh some old skills and learn new techniques for the future.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Blog #8

       My research paper is almost complete. I have to make a few revisions after peer editing and make use of some advantageous verbs. Also, I must find a way to use transitions; for some reason I abruptly stop a thought and begin with another. I guess transitions feel unnatural and i have to force them into my writings. The annotated bibliography did help me in gathering and organizing the concrete details of the paper.I was reading another book in the library about writing styles that talks about "balance" and shows examples. When looking at my paper it doesn't look balanced, but then again, I disagree with their concept of balance. I guess its a non-issue. Since writing the critical analysis, my works cited pages have been greatly improved. The TS/CD's have really helped me... really. In past writings, I lacked purpose and would keep going with an idea until it ran dry. Now I have organization, structure and purpose. I know where the writing is going. The topic of the paper is something that I am passionate about, so to write about this was enjoyable. While doing research for this paper I found myself wondering off course, digging too deep. I found several books about the topic that I would like to read in the future, and learned some of the history of this topic as well. Other than those adjustments I believe the paper is successful at making an a well documented argument. 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Blog #7

       To me humor does include something that is funny, but also includes things that bring amusement. Most of the time, we do use humorous and funny interchangeably. Humor is definitely more subtle than a Jim Carey movie. We can find humor in someone without them knowing. Being "funny", implies that you have tried to accomplish exactly that. If someone says something that does not come out right, this can be humorous. It just brings a smile to your face. If someone intentionally says something to get a laugh, it can be funny. I rarely laugh out loud, maybe two or three times a year. Laughing out loud absolutely means something was funny. The article about the cocaine dealer was not funny, it was humorous. He was not looking for a laugh, even though he delivered one.

       Style is very loosely defined. Style is an expression of individualism that can take any form. This includes everything from fashion "style" to writing "style". These are all intermediaries that we use to reflection who we are. The first thing that comes to mind when I hear the word style is Europeans, specifically Italians. They put forth a conscious effort to be stylish. For the most part I don't see Americans as being stylish. Most of us, myself included, choose comfort over style. This is neither good nor bad just an observation.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Blog #6

     I watched the movie three times to get quotes and make sure I really understood the point of the story. Until this assignment I have never heard of the movie, despite all the big names in it. I thought the movie was alright, but a little dull. I think I figured out what Scott Rosenberg was trying to do. I believe he was trying to use each character as someone to learn a lesson from it different ways. Some characters had turning points and some did not.
     When I rewrite this paper I will improve several things. The assignment was four to five pages, but I think my paper was only three and a half pages. My works cited page was terrible and wrong. When writing my conclusion I could have gone into more detail. I did use the TS/CD format, could have done a better job. I should have paraphrased some of the quotations. Transitions, I don't think I had any. I was hesitant to paraphrase because have never done that before and was unsure if I were doing it correctly. My biggest problem is being a slow writer. I dwell on things way more than anyone ever should.
     When rewriting this paper I will still follow the basic idea that the screenwriter uses each character to teach a lesson of male behavior. I went through and analyzed each character and what could be gained from them. I will also do a better job of explaining and developing my quotations. My structure my not always be the best, my punctuation is usually good. I believe my writing has improved while completing the rough draft of the research paper. At least I'm going in the right direction.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Blog #5

  I thought my evaluative summary was solid, but rough around the edges. This summary can and will be improved. When writing the evaluative summary I did mention whether the article was successful or not. The article was successful, but as a reader, I had a bias opinion in favor of the author before reading his article. Although I had a stated opinion in my summary, I could have done a better job. I could have been more vocal about my knowledge and experiences. I saved my opinions on the author's topic until the end, in my conclusion. In future writings I could offer up opinions more often and take a more evaluative stance. When looking back I could have used active verbs in numerous places to better express my thoughts. More reflection throughout the paper could have been made back to my thesis.

     I found this assignment fairly easy to complete because I agreed with the author's point of view. Using the TSCD method really helps my structure and makes reaching required lengths easier to achieve. I find myself reaching the page length without any effort. I think my evaluative summary gave a fair and accurate portrayal of this author's article. By using multiple quotes from the article its hard to argue that a summary is slanted.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Blog #3

     I don't have as much confidence in my writings as I should. I don't think I'm bad, just average. This could be due to my lack of structure. Often my writings lack a logical flow or purpose. I think the TSCDs are helping me with this problem. Reflecting back to my thesis through my writings could also use some attention. I tend to stray from my thesis.
    I am proactive when working on a group assignment. I hate to depend on anyone; I need control over my own grade. This does not qualify me as a leader. Telling others what to do has never been a goal of mine. Sometimes people are too busy or slow to response to email and this gets very annoying. I don't mind letting other read my work and offer up suggestions, but all together I do not like working in groups to write a paper.

     I felt my individual summary was much better than the group summary. Trying to complete a paper when the members of the group have differing opinions is not easy. I enjoyed selecting one of the articles and not being told which one to summarize. After reading the author's work over and over I think I fully understood his points. I agreed with most of his opinions before reading his article. I guess its easier to summarize someone you agree with than fighting yourself to accept their argument and summarize it at the same time.